How can we help each other?

If you consider supporting Hanami Mastery, or you are looking for opportunities to collaborate, here are the things you should know.

I will list what I can offer to you and where I need help. If you need something not listed here, reach out to me so we can discuss options!

My services

I am a senior Ruby developer but don't offer paid consultations or freelancing at the moment. My services are focused around publishing learning content related to the Hanami Ruby framework.

  • free Hanami-related online learning content
  • improving official documentation of all Hanami dependencies
  • sponsorship appreciation in videos and articles
  • writing on external platforms (guest blogging)
  • prioritizing open-source issues important for my best sponsors during my OS time window
  • premium episodes access
  • job offer spots on the website and newsletter
  • advertisement spots for your products or services
  • extra highlight for best supporters.

...What else could you need?

My struggles and needs

Below are the options which you can choose to help me.

1. Github sponsorship

Currently, my biggest need is time. I want to publish more high-quality tutorials in regular manner, but for that, I need to delegate the work on editing episodes and publishing them in various media.

For that I need financial support and Github sponsorship is the way to go at the moment. You can support me at the level suitable for you and I appreciate it all!

In exchange I can offer

  • job ad spots in my platform and newsletter,
  • access to all premium content for you and all your employees,
  • do-follow links and company logo highlighted as supporter.
  • ad widgets to your products.
  • appreciation in the videos and articles.
  • regular, high-quality educational content publication for Hanami developers to educate your team
  • improving official documentation of Hanami-related gems. (dry-rb, rom-rb, hanami, all further deps depending on the support I manage to get)

For details visit my github sponsorship dashboard

2. Products purchase

If github sponsorship is too much, Consider buying access to my digital products.

3. Recognition

I understand you or your company may not be in a position to provide significant financial contribution, so here are other ways to help my initiative to succeed.

  1. Share information about Hanami Mastery initiative with others
  2. Share my articles and episodes in social media
  3. Consider linking to my Hanami Mastery content in you websites and blogs so more people could learn about Hanami.

4. Ideas emergence and feedback.

My goal is to produce best Hanami-related tutorials possible. For that I need to understand what Hanami developers struggle with and what they need the most.

Any feedback, Idea, suggestion how to improve or what to write about is welcome!

5. Content and code contributions

If you like to write, and have Hanami-related knowledge, you're more than welcome to contribute to Hanami Mastery by writing article! It's as simple as fork & pr!

If you want to help building the website, I have plenty of opened GitHub tasks for this. Feel free to grab whatever you can!

Thanks! Stay in touch!

I understand, that financial support may be too much. Don't worry. You can also support us by following us and sharing our episodes!

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