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Sebastian WilgoszSebastian Wilgosz

Hanami Mastery Insights

If you want to get more insights about the Hanami Mastery initiative, I strongly encourage you to take a short look at the

  • about page - to see the details about our mission and plans,
  • collaboration page> - to see the list of our current services and ways we can help each other!

The Sponsorship History Log

Hanami Mastery is an Open Startup kind of thing, so we keep having a Public track of the revenue and outcomes.

However, even though I myself in this field want to be transparent, I value your privacy way more than my transparency. Having that said I:

  1. Keep income channels in the log above in general categories.
  2. If you as a person or company don't want to be listed on my videos nor articles/pages, let me know.

You can check there, how much support I got and how much support I give.


While I keep in public

  • all the income
  • impact on the Open-Source world
  • investments
  • and expenses

I may restrict this information to my sponsors only in the future.

How to support Hanami Mastery?

If you really enjoy my content or get benefits from it, you're welcome to support me, our YT channel, and the whole HanamiMastery initiative by sponsoring on Github or sending a donation of your choice.

If you need a different channel to sponsor this project, just let me know!

At least 10% of all profits related to this project I get in any way is directly transferred to support Hanami's development (more on that below).

Why I need sponsorship?

1. I'm just a human

Hanami Mastery is a non-standard project. It's all about supporting other great Open-Source work and as usually if it comes to Open Source, a lot of the work is never paid off.

We all need to live our lifes though.

I am Ruby developer myself and a triple father. At the moment I need to work Full-Time as a developer to fulfill my family needs and no matter how much I'd love to move full-time to content creation, I cannot do it at the moment.

I am committed to evolve this project, so if you want me to put more effort and more time into it, well, I need your help with it.

2. By supporting Hanami Mastery you support the whole Hanami ecosystem and related gems

At least 10% of ALL the income I get in any way (excluding my regular developer's job) is transferred directly to support Open-Source world, starting from Hanami core team, then related libraries maintainers and contributors.

3. I am actively working on other income channels.

I am seeking for support only to start and build other channels of income, to not rely on the direct support long-term, but bring actual value to the Open-Source community.

Here are rough plans of different income channels.

  1. Github and direct sponsorships
  2. I'm actively looking for sponsorship from companies (job ad spots, product advertising - look for more details in collaboration page)
  3. Affiliate links - writing reviews of books I read and recommend, app stacks, and so on.
  4. Hanami Mastery PRO (coming soon!)
  5. Online courses - I already released one course but it's not related to Hanami Mastery in any-way. More online courses connected to this initiative coming soon!
  6. Book creation (future plans)
  7. Youtube channel

Sponsorship is only the one pillar of strategical income - but extremely important one as it allows me get sustainable business and reinvestments from the start when other channels are not possible to be build yet.

It means, that your sponsorship allows me to grow faster, and achieve additional sources of income sooner to start better and bigger initiatives, making more impact to change the world of open-source financing.

4. I don't want to become a millionaire from your money.

My comfortable income level is kept around ~90k USD/year and this is more or less what I'm earning as a developer.

If at any point I'll exceed this level from Hanami Mastery Income, I'll no use that exceed for my private benefits but only for reinvesting into open-source support initiatives and direct OSS financing.

To prove that, on top of the monthly financial log I'll publish yearly financial reports from Hanami Mastery Project.

5. There is NO demand nor claim on my side.

It's my responsibility to build my work in a safe manner without making you guilty of revoking meaningful support.

This means you can revoke your support at any time, without any bad feelings from my side. I appreciate your contributions to this idea and I'll do my best to build trust in the community and never fail it.

For certain support levels I'll give additional benefits for your company according to sponsors layers

I'd love to make Open Source projects an amazing place to work as a full-time job.

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