Hi, I'm Seb Wilgosz, and I run Hanami Mastery to help you get into Hanami framework as easily as possible.

Among the others, I am an author of Rails API course on Udemy and Driggl blog.

I love Ruby, so I'd love to see the Ruby ecosystem evolving and changing. This is why Hanami Mastery came alive!

Sebastian WilgoszSebastian Wilgosz

Our Mission

Make Open-Source projects an attractive way for full-time jobs!

I strongly believe that great community projects should get more support and financial stability. Unfortuantely, most of amazing people who create great libraries and projects, need to work during nights and over the weekends to make OUR lives better.

To make things worse, creating a great OpenSource project require great technical capabilities, while monetising it is related to possesing decent MARKETING skills.

Those two usually don't play well together, which makes great open source maintainers and contributors to suffer for working for free.

Hanami Mastery is a first step, to improve on that field.


This project is driven by a few simple rules.

  • 10% (At least) of all income generated by this project and activity goes to support Hanami development since day one.
  • This includes Github sponsoring of my account, Youtube Channel, Blog monetization, income from affiliates, my premium products (courses, subscription) and so on. Just everything related to Hanami Mastery income.
  • As soon as the Hanami 2.0 is released, we'll publish at least one episode per week.
  • The evolving list of activities and Initiatives I'm running atm is placed on the collaboartion page


Episode consists of:


Except full episodes, I'm publishing standard blog articles, under the stray category. These usually don't contain video attached and may touch topics that are outside of the Hanami domain. See example.

Do you like this idea? Consider support!

If you like this project and the idea behind it, support me on Github!


A list of supporters and different supporting possibilities are listed under the sponsors dashboard.

The more support I get, the more time I'll be able to put into creating great content for you and the bigger quality it'll have!

I especially need a support for recording regular Youtube Videos.

However, you can help me a lot even without money-involved activities. Just share the word! More on that on collaboration page.

Follow us!

I understand, that financial support may be too much. Don't worry. You can also support us by following us and sharing our episodes!

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