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Open Source Heroes - A Poem of Appreciation.

Working with open source for a long time is tremendous work, often unappreciated.

I don't want to be a part of it. I wish a different world, but I want to follow a simple rule in my life, and


Be a change you wish to see in the world.

. - not Gandhi

Having that in mind, let's have some fun, take a moment, and appreciate people who do great, and you get value from it.

I want to invite you to join me in this initiative of sharing a word of appreciation for one of the OSS heroes you know!

A Poem of a Great Rebirth

Hi, they call me Tim Riley,

I'm a ruby geek leaving in Australia.

Once I found a project named Hanami

And it was for Ruby what for food there is Umami.

Hanami 2 like Umami tasteHanami 2 like Umami taste

However great, this project looked a bit dead,

'cause there was no one who could keep it led.

I said, screw it! I don't like the Rails way,

but there is nothing I could say,

so let me just take Hanami over,

and wrap it into a completely new cover.

But there was more needed than just adding a patch,

so I had rewritten it all (not)entirely from scratch.

One PR of many during Hanami updateOne PR of many during Hanami update

This is the spirit of the Open Source Hero,

You just grind, starting sometimes from a complete zero,

if you fail on the road,

you better start over,

if get lost in the forest of code,

find your way like a rover

have no time? Get rid of sleep and switch

into extreme open-source mode.

Now let me give Hanami a lovely final kiss,

to add some views and do the 2.1 release.

A poem was written by Seb Wilgosz (no AI involved, lol!).

The Open Source HeroThe Open Source Hero


I challenge you!

If you like the idea I present here, share this, mentioning a person or few from the open source world, that you're especially grateful for the work they do!

Cheers and see you next time!

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I'll gladly cover them in the future episodes! Thank you!

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